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At Candice van Heerden Audiology we are able to assist patients with the majority of hearing aid manufacturers and brands.

There are 6 major hearing aid manufacturers worldwide namely: Starkey, Oticon, Siemens, Widex, Unitron and Phonak.



All hearing aid manufacturers have hearing aids in different styles and technology levels. You can equate this to a car manufacturer who has a certain car model available with different engine capacities eg: 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6 liter. The difference between these technology levels is the sound quality of the hearing aid and how they function in the presence of background noise.

The image below reflects how certain levels of technology are insufficient in certain listening environments. The audiologist will assist you in choosing the appropriate style of hearing aid and level of technology best suitable to you based on your hearing loss, needs and most importantly your lifestyle.




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