Candice’s Top Tips

Candice’s Top Tips


  1. Hearing aids need to be serviced yearly in order to ensure they are in optimal working condition. Hearing aid microphones become blocked easily with dust and wax causes corrosion inside the hearing aids. Your hearing aid should be sent in for a yearly service to the manufacturer.
  2. Your hearing should be tested and your hearing aids adjusted every year. Just as you would visit your optometrist to check your lenses yearly, so too should your hearing aid be tested. Your hearing aid is set to your hearing levels. As your hearing changes so should the set-tings in order for the hearing aid to function optimally.
  3. When wearing a hearing aid behind the ear you need to hold the phone speaker on top of the hearing aid. The microphone on the hearing aid is situated on top of the hearing aid at the top of the ear.
  4. Hearing aids need to be worn for a minimum of 10 hours a day. We have already discussed the importance of wearing hearing aids to pre-vent auditory deprivation and provide “exercise to your hearing nerve.” Many people put their hearing aids in when they want to hear and expect this to work automatically, however the ear takes time for the nerve to “wake up.” Whether you have an entry level hearing aid or top of the range hearing aid, if it is not worn for a minimum of 10 hours a day you will never be satisfied.

Communication Tips for Listeners and Conversation Partners

  1. Here are a few tips that can improve listening abilities for an individual with a severe hearing loss
  2. When following a conversation turn off a noisy TV, dishwasher, fan etc
  3. Move as close as possible to the speaker
  4. Tell people that you have a hearing problem and ask them to accommodate you in the following ways:
    – Sit and talk in a location that is quiet and has good lighting
    – Sit in front of you and look at you when talking so you are able to read their lips
  5. Get your attention before talking to you
  6. Repeat part of sentences you do not understand
    7. Speak louder and slowly

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