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Meet Candice van Heerden, your trusted audiologist in Benoni and Bedfordview

Candice van Heerden is a professional, HPCSA-registered audiologist who practices in Benoni and Bedfordview. She is also a member of the South African Association of Audiologists.

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Candice van Heerden, B.communication Pathology: Audiology and Speech Language Therapy from the University of Pretoria.

Audiologists are trained to help prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing and balance disorders. There are various types of hearing tests and evaluations available to determine how well a patient’s hearing is, and where they are in terms of their hearing loss.

Audiologist benoni

About Candice van Heerden Audiology

Candice van Heerden is a trusted audiologist in Benoni who practices from the rooms at Family Doctors in Farrarmere (previously Dr Frankle and Partners). Candice also has an established practice in Bedfordview at Kloof Road Medical Centre.

Candice van Heerden Audiology is also a fully-mobile audiological unit, and is able to visit the patient at home should they require. We are also able to conduct industrial hearing tests and school-based hearing screenings for students.

At Candice van Heerden Audiology, the patient takes priority. Candice understands the value of hearing for young and old. It is the most important of the five human senses to connect socially with the people around us.

There are multiple causes for impaired hearing, including aging, loud noise exposure, family history, and even some medications and illnesses.

Hearing difficulties should not be left untreated. The early treatment of hearing loss is more likely to be effective. Delaying treatment may expose patients to further difficulties.

We follow strict health protocols to ensure safe testing. Medical aid rates are charged.

Services offered at Candice van Heerden Audiology in Benoni and Bedfordview include:

  • Diagnostic hearing assessments,
  • Auditory processing assessments for school-aged children,
  • Hearing aid evaluation and selection,
  • Tinnitus evaluation and counselling, and
  • Custom-made ear protection for noise, sleeping, and swimming.

Candice van Heerden Audiology can assist with the repair of hearing aids as well as fine-tuning and readjustments. Cleaning tools, domes, wax guards, slim tubes, and batteries can also be purchased from the practice in Benoni and Bedfordview.

Book an Appointment with Candice van Heerden

If you think you or a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss, or to discuss other hearing-related conditions, please contact us to book an appointment in Bedfordview or Benoni by calling our office on 011 615 3047 or email

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