Common Questions about hearing aids

Common Questions about hearing aids

When you are a loved one suffers from hearing loss, it can be an exceptionally difficult and emotional time for everyone involved. There can be so many questions that need answering as to cause confusion, a sense of confusion that has no place in a household dealing with change. If you or anyone you know is looking to enlist in the assistance of hearing aids, here are answers to some of the most commonly posed questions about them.

Why would you need two hearing aids?

There are a few reasons why a pair of hearing aids could be your answer. Firstly, we have two ears to enable us with sound localisation, this allows us to tell where sounds are coming from to provide us with correct orientation. Aids also assist with the stimulation of the auditory nerve which would otherwise become lazy and unresponsive in one of your ears if hearing loss treatment is not correctly administered. A pair of aids will also assist the patient with focusing on sound reception in noisy environments, making for less confusing group conversations.

Should I get an aid if my hearing loss isn’t serious?

Getting a hearing aid depends largely on your own needs and your lifestyle. If you work a job where communication is essential, especially in groups, and you find that your hearing has been making things difficult, aids will amplify your capabilities to ensure that you get the full picture (so to speak). Hearing loss may also worsen overtime if left untreated since the auditory nerve withers if left unstimulated; so with the help of an ear doctor you will protect yourself from further hearing loss.

Can total hearing loss be helped?

Constant developments in hearing treatment and aid technology have been challenging this question for years now. Some time ago, there were many high frequency cases of hearing loss that couldn’t be fixed, but as medical breakthroughs march ever forward, we now find that roughly 95% of all of those who suffer from hearing loss, can receive beneficial treatment.

Is my hearing loss simply a sign of aging?

It is a great misconception that hearing loss mostly effects the elderly. While it may be a common occurrence in the elderly, only 35% of people who suffer from hearing loss are over the age of 64. This means that age is not the only correlation. So if you are a long way from retirement and are experiencing hearing loss, don’t assume you are too young to be afflicted. Rather be safe and opt for a diagnostic hearing assessment.

If you would like to find out more information on the need for, and ability to acquire a hearing aid, contact Candice Van Heerden Audiology for further information on the products they work with, and the services they offer.

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