How Earphone Use Affects Our Hearing

How Earphone Use Affects Our Hearing

Q: Earphones can cause permanent and non-reversible hearing loss: True or False?

A: True
Most stock earphones can reach a level of over 100 decibels which is loud enough to begin causing permanent damage after just 15 minutes a day.

Top tip for parents: If your kids are using headphones for music or computer use, be sure that you cannot hear what they are listening to when the headphones are on. Most importantly ensure your kids take an acoustic break every hour. This means that the head phones should be removed for 5 minutes every hour. This break assists in preventing permanent noise induced hearing loss.

Q: The number one cause of hearing loss is:

A: Aging
B: Noise exposure
C: Genetics
D: Middle ear infections

A: B noise exposure
The number one cause of hearing loss is exposure to excessively loud sounds over 85 decibels or higher.

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