Hypertension can increase your chances of hearing loss

Hypertension can increase your chances of hearing loss


A 2013 study of 45-64 year old adults sought to determine if there was an association between hypertension (high blood pressure) and hearing loss. In this age range, one-third of adults have hypertension versus two-thirds of adults 60 and older.

The study confirmed that hypertension does effect hearing by accelerating the degeneration of the “hearing apparatus” due to aging. Study subjects with hypertension showed a greater increase in hearing threshold, which is the lowest level of sound person can hear.

Not that anyone needs another reason to stay on top of any high blood pressure, which is already a major risk factor for strokes and cardiovascular disease.

To stay on top of your blood pressure, consult with your doctor. For questions about your hearing, please contact us to book an appointment in Bedfordview or Benoni by calling our office on 011 615 3047 or email candice@cvhaudiology.co.za

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