Artificial Intelligence & Hearing Aids

Artificial Intelligence & Hearing Aids

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2019 has seen a huge leap in hearing aid technology with the launch of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence hearing aid by Starkey. The Livio AI makes use of Artificial Intelligence to provide a number of great features to patients, namely:

  • Fall detect feature: The Livio AI has embedded sensors which can identify if an individual has fallen. If a fall is detected a notification is sent to three individuals identified by the patient that a fall has occurred. The hearing aid user can also manually activate the fall alert by pressing a button on their hearing aid.
  • Body and brain health tracking: The Livio AI is able to accurately track the number of steps taken by the hearing aid wearer similarly to a fit bit. Not only does the hearing aid monitor your body health but it also monitors the brain health and activity. We know individuals with a hearing loss are likely to with-draw from social situations which puts them at a risk for depression and dementia. The Livio AI assesses the cognitive activities an individual is involved in and provides them with a thrive score to ensure they are actively engaging in different social situations daily.
  • Virtual assistant: The Livio has a built in virtual assistant similar to Siri on an iPhone. The hearing aid user can tap the hearing aid and ask for assistance and the answer will be streamed into the patient’s ear. For example, one could ask what the weather is like in Johannesburg today and the virtual assistant will answer you in your ear.
  • Translation services: The Livio AI can translate 32 different languages. The speaker will talk into the phone in whatever language they choose, and this will be translated into your language of choice directly into your ear.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Starkey is busy working on placing a heart rate monitor into the receiver of the hearing aid. This means your heart rate can be monitored from the app on your phone and an alert can be sent to you should your heart rate become higher than normal.

The new Livio AI is set to disrupt the technological space with the amazing features it has available, however, one must always remember the main purpose of a hearing aid is to help an individual to hear better. Not all patients want their hearing aid to “do it all” and therefore it is important for the audiologist to guide you in choosing the hearing aid that is suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

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