This Hearing Awareness Month, Check your Hearing with hearWHO

This Hearing Awareness Month, Check your Hearing with hearWHO


March is hearing awareness month. Early detection of hearing loss is crucial for its effective rehabilitation, and it’s important to make sure you check your hearing from time to time, especially those who are at a higher risk of hearing loss. They include people who often listen to loud music, work in noisy places, use medicines that are harmful to hearing, or who are above 60 years old.

WHO has developed a mobile and web-based app for hearing screenings called hearWHO. Download the hearWHO app today to test your hearing to ensure you are not missing out on any of the best parts of life.


For answers to some FAQs about the hearWHO app, take a look here:


At Candice van Heerden Audiology, we are grateful to have helped many patients change their lives by assessing and aiding their hearing.

Here are some testimonials about #myAudiologist from some of our patients:


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