Don’t buy hearing aids online – without consulting your audiologist first

Buy hearing aids Hearing aids online

Don’t buy hearing aids online – without consulting your audiologist first!

As we’ve spoken about previously, you may have seen ‘hearing aids’ for sale online that seem cheaper than what you would pay when buying your hearing aid devices through a reputable audiologist. These devices are not hearing aids, but rather PSAPs.

While we cannot comment on all devices sold online, it’s important to educate the public on the difference between a PSAP and a hearing aid, and the importance of the audiologists role in the hearing aid process.

What is a PSAP and why is it cheaper than a hearing aid?

A PSAP (personal sound amplification product) is merely an amplifier. It is set to a flat hearing loss, and cannot be adjusted by an audiologist to be customised to your hearing needs. It is very unlikely that when you lose your hearing, that all frequencies are affected, and therefore once we have tested your hearing at all frequencies, we set the volume at specific levels for specific frequencies.

Forbes Health explains it well when saying, “Hearing aids can be programmed to mute or amplify certain sounds—amplifying a speaker’s voice over excessive background noise in a public place, for example. But a PSAP amplifies every sound. So even though a PSAP may amplify the speaker’s voice, it will also amplify the whirring of a fan above your head or the sound of a door opening and closing, possibly creating more barriers to hearing the speaker clearly.”

Consult with Reputable Audiologist First

Hearing Aids Are Customised to Your Hearing Requirements

Once a patient is identified with a hearing loss, we fit the hearing aid according to their specific hearing loss and needs. When we lose our hearing, it affects certain pitches or frequencies differently. The audiologist will take your hearing loss into account when selecting the style and type of hearing aid suitable for your hearing loss. The portion that fits into your ear must be adjusted to your ear shape and size as well as to your amplification needs.

When fitting a hearing aid, the audiologist performs real ear measurements to ensure the hearing aids are providing the required amount of volume at each frequency. Our ears are all different shapes which causes sound to resonate differently in different ears.

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting and fitting a hearing aid. Audiologists are trained hearing care professionals who can ensure that your hearing loss is diagnosed correctly and your hearing aids are fitted appropriately.

Hearing Aid Products available at CVH Audiology

We stock and are able to assist patients with all major international hearing aid brands:

  • Oticon
  • Starkey
  • Siemens
  • Phonak
  • Unitron
  • Widex
  • Signia

We also offer hearing aid evaluation and selection, trial fitting of hearing aids with follow ups, as well as repairs and servicing.

All hearing aid manufacturers have hearing aids in different styles and technology levels. The difference between these technology levels is the sound quality of the hearing aid and how they function in the presence of background noise. The audiologist will discuss these in more detail with you during a consultation.

Let’s discuss the best hearing aid options for you

Book a diagnostic hearing test at CVH Audiology in Benoni or Bedfordview. Once the hearing test has been completed and the cause and severity of your hearing loss is identified, the audiologist will assist in selecting an appropriate hearing aid for you – one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

To book an appointment, please call our office on 011 615 3047 or email

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